HF SuperBacker Pro QRP 100w Amp for sale


HF SuperBacker Pro 100w Amp for sale:

K5OOR SuperPacker Pro 100 watt HF Amplifier


Product originally a kit from www.hfprojects.com.

100W out for half the price of an Elecraft brand amp.

Does not include the Elecraft KX3 in photos.

Does not include any tuner.

As-Is No Returns. Free shipping USPS Domestic Flat Rate Box USA Only. If Flat Rate Shipping is not available in your area, arrangement may be possible for additional cost.

HF Amplifier 160m to 10m bands. Not tested for non-ham bands.

RF In 2-10 watts with BNC connector gets RF Out 100 watts with UHF connector. Photo shows < 3w providing 100w+. Not tested with industrial watt meter. PTT provided.

Auto Band Switching.

Low Pass Filters provides clean output signal.

Requires 13.6 VDC at 20 A using PowerPole connectors. No DC cable provided.

Can manually change various settings. Manual not provided.


HF SuperBacker Pro QRP 100w Amp is sold.

73 Doug NA1DX