Run for the Light House, Sunday 25 September


Event: Run for the Lighthouse Half marathon
Coordinating Club: The Anne Arundel Radio Club
Date: Sunday 25 September 2016
Time: 0700 to approx. noon
Details: This is an annual event to help raise money for a local homeless shelter. It is a half marathon, 5k run and a 1.25 mile walk.

Requirements: In all but three positions a 5-watt HT will work fine. In three positions a mobile rig is better as we have had trouble in the past with HT’S at those points.

We are also looking for a bike rider with APRS to follow the last runner in the half-marathon. We can provide an HT with APRS if needed.

Race Location(s): Quiet Waters Park and Hillsmere, the community next to the park. (Strangely, there are no serious hills in Hillsmere.)

Hams will meet at: Net Control Station at the Lighthizer Pavilion located in Quiet Waters Park at the bottom of Quiet Waters Park Loop Road

Geographic coordinates of NCS: 38.937819,-76.501388.

Hams who are unfamiliar with the area or who need some advice may arrive at the meeting point earlier (the park gates open at 0600) and we will help.

We will have more details on geographic coordinates of the operating points, talk-in and operating radio frequencies, APRS settings and protocol, in the coming week.

Contact AARC Coordinator:
Ben Palmer, KC3COD, 443-542-3931 voice or text.