AARC Wednesday Night 2 meter net - August 24, 2016

Net Report Serial #0060
Report for 20160824
Weekly AARC 2 Meter Net on 147.105+ PL Tone 107.2

(Typically linked to 147.075+ and 444.400+) every Wednesday at 8 PM

? All are Welcome
? http://www.w3vpr.org

This week's 2 meter AARC net. Here is a brief recap in case you missed it.
For August 24th, 2016

Net was operned at 2000L and closed at 2048L. There was noise on several stations and, also, the repeater. The noise appeared to be weather-related.

? TOPICS:: The following topics were mentioned on the net ?

Bob Montagne, K3REM - SK, with great regret but also many fond memories
Giff Hammar, K1GAH, out of Maryland for the rest of the year; replacement Net Control operator sought (KB3YQK and KB3ZYO volunteered)
Hooking up a new voice phone system at one's house
On vacation -- off work from Friday until after Labor Day
Local weather forecast - possible thunderstorms on Friday 26 August
Monitoring the repeater input frequency to pick up a station trying unsuccessfully to access the repeater
Programming and playing with DSTAR
Recap of activities during the recent QSO party and thanks to all who participated
Request for articles for AARC Newsletter
No meeting tomorrow (fourth Thursday of the month) - next meeting on 1 September
On behalf of the club, a welcome extended to Dan, KC3HAT, as a new Technician
Mike, K3MAW, to contact potential Net Control operators later in the year for preparation of 2017 Net Control roster
Conflicts between club meetings on Thursday evenings and other Thursday activities

? PARTICIPANTS:: The following stations were in the net ?

N3WYG Milford
K3MAW Mike
N9EBJ Sean
AB3WS Sonny
N3SNU Bill

NOTE: Net Control apologizes if any callsign is incorrect, if anyone was missed or if any topic was overlooked.

The Anne Arundel Radio Club http://www.w3vpr.org hosts a weekly 2 meter net every Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM local eastern time.

Please join us each Wednesday at 8 PM on the air, or face-to-face on the first & third Thursdays in Davidsonville for our regular club meetings. Meetings start at 7:30 PM with an informal eye-ball QSO time thirty minutes prior.

? All Are Welcome ? Please Join us ?

147.105 (Davidsonville)
147.075 (Curtis Bay)
444.400 (Annapolis)

The AARC Clubhouse is located at ?

Davidsonville Family Recreation Center
3789 Queen Anne Bridge Road
Davidsonville, MD 21035

? 73

Ed • AA3EB