MFJ Antenna Analyzer 259b Bundle SOLD SOLD


MFJ Antenna Analyzer 259b Bundle $190 cash OBO or trade.

Greetings, My wife and I are selling one gently used antenna analyzer. In like new condition and good working order. With this bundle you can quickly test your latest project, help a friend check out their existing install or prep for your next dxpadition. The AA rechargeable batteries have only been cycled a few times, with plenty of life left in them. The power adapters will recharge the batteries in the analyzer, at the shack or in your car / truck / boat / airplane. We had an extra hard hat and safety vest so were throwing one each of them in as well. Work around towers with confidence protected from falling tools and parts. Use the vest at your next public service event or dress up as one of the village people! The antenna is for the integrated frequency counter. The included adapters add flexibility to connect to the three of the most common coax connecters. We include a padded bag to organize and protect your investment. This makes a great kit, we are selling only because we upgraded to a tool that can test duplexers and sweep antennas. My wife and I bought this the day I passed my general exam. We’ve had a lot of fun using it ever since, we want you too as well. We can email photos upon request. Call me at 410.402.3072

Charles and Kelly

Extra doodads in our bundle:
• 1 x Male UHF to N female Adapter.
• 1 x Male UHF to Female BNC Adapter.
• 10 x Enloop AA Rechargeable Batteries.
• 1 x 120 VAC to 12 volt adapter.
• 1 x Automobile 12v power cord.
• 1 x BNC Rubber Duck Antenna.
• 1 x Safety Vest w- radio pocket.
• 1 x Hard Hat.
• Printed copy of the manual.
• Padded camera bag.

Can be used to test:
• Antennas: SWR, impedance, reactance, resistance, resonant frequency, and
• Antenna tuners: SWR, bandwidth, frequency
• Amplifiers: input and output matching networks, chokes, suppressors, traps,
and components
• Coaxial transmission lines: SWR, length, velocty factor, approximate Q and
loss, resonant frequency, and impedance
• Filters: SWR, attenuation, and frequyounency range
• Matching or tuning stubs: SWR, approximate Q, resonant frequency, bandwidth,
• Traps: Resonant frequency and approximate Q
• Tunes circuits: Resonant frequency and approximate Q
• Small capacitors: Value and self-resonant frequency
• RF chokes and inductors: Self resonant frequency, series resonance, and value
• Transmitters and oscillators: Frequency