lots of gear for sale


I've decided to sell a whole bunch of my gear holdings. I'll be
listing it on either QTH or e-bay but figured that I would put it out to
AARC membership first. This is probably just the first wave.

I can drive a reasonable distance, MD/VA area to meet halfway for
delivery of the gear. Cash or PayPal with friends options are good.

Think I'm asking too much? Make an offer. Please contact me off list
if interested.

In no particular order:

Johnson Navigator, recapped and aligned. Replacement meter installed.
Meter works but will is offset from zero. $475

Johnson Matchbox with coupler - $225

Johnson Adventurer. Untested. Bought it for the crystals that came
with it. $75

Drake TX-4 $100

Daiwa Tuner CNA 1001 $125

TS-830s, AT-230 Tuner, VFO-230 $800

TS-140 with serial port mod $225

Ten Tec Corsair II, Speaker/PS and external VFO $825

NC-303 - $375 Recapped and aligned

Yaesu FC-107 tuner $150

Johnson Ranger II - recapped, aligned, powder coated cabinet - $525

Yaesu FL-7000 solid state amp - $1575

Yaesu XF-455k-202-01 filter from at FT-1000D $65

Yaesu XF-8.2m-202-01 $65

Orion II 600 hz roofing filter $70

Orion II 1800 hz roofing filter $70

Johnson thunderbolt...worked the last time I used it $800

Flex 3000 - $1150

KX1 all option (80m, tuner, etc) $325

FT-817 with W4RT mods (speech processor, dual filters, mic mod) $850

I realize this post is a month old, but do you still have the ts-140?