Getting ready for Field Day 2016

Just soaking in the hot tub and making BBQ for Field Day 2016

Saturday was perfect, cold enough to still enjoy soaking in the hot tub but warm enough to enjoy smoking some chicken.

After 5 hours, the meat was picked off the bones, bagged up, and flash frozen. We'll serve this to the setup crew for lunch, and any leftovers will be used in the event that we run out of wood-fired brick oven pizza. (I'll cook the pulled pork that goes along with this on a different weekend before the event.)

I wanted to remind everyone that we still are looking for volunteers for Field Day 2016. Besides being our major public relations push for the year, Field Day gives us a chance to test out our equipment in the field and show everyone how much fun the hobby is.

Field Day 2016 will be at the clubhouse at our Davidsonville Family Recreation Center site (see Location on the sidebar) starting Saturday, June 25th @ 2 PM and running for twenty-four hours straight, until Sunday at 2 PM. As always, newcomers are always welcome! (Yes! We really do get points if you come visit, so come visit!)