Heathkit HW-8


Ron Oxley from RTO Electronic did the following for me:

A new PA transistor for increased output (~4+w)
An update to mute the receiver during transmit. The mod prevents rf out going back into the receive circuits and creating noise in head phones during sending.
Side tone set to 500hz vs 800hz.
A circuit to provide a meter reading on received signals.

After I received the rig, I worked W1AW/7 in Washington state on 20m. He was working split, so I QSY'd the VFO up until I about lost his signal in the VFO. I used an OCF wire antenna. I used a small straight key. I replied on the first call. My son-in-law about died laughing.

I have since obtained an HW-9 to use at my RV in Delaware.
I can provide photos.

I paid $125 for the work/shipping with RTO and I paid $75 for the rig originally. So, $200 plus shipping get you a great little rig, as I know you are aware. I figured USPS flat rate box would work well.

Cash or PayPal.

item is sold.