ARRL Survey

Dear ARRL Affiliated Club,

This Monday, May 1, ARRL will launch a survey for members, encouraging their participation as we consider a dues increase.

The survey will include some short questions about raising dues and modifying the way some membership benefits are bundled. The survey will also include an opportunity for members to share their feedback.

The participation of every member is important. Please encourage all the ARRL members in your radio club to complete the survey in May.

The survey will open on May 1 at This is a member-only page. Members need to be logged into the ARRL website to take the survey. Members who are not logged in may select the Login button on the top of the web page, and they will be prompted to enter their ARRL website username and password. If they have not logged in since April 2022, they should use these Login Instructions.

Thank you in advance for urging all ARRL members to complete the survey.


Mike Walters, W8ZY
ARRL Field Services Manager


I will not be able to participate because I am not one of their members because of what their dues already were.

Hello Everyone,

 I am a brand New member. My membership was free as of yet. What are the current dues and what will the increase be?

Dennis (KC3VWQ)

I believe this is a question about ARRL dues, and has nothing to do with dues to the Anne Arundel Radio Club. 

We have several members of the club that are members of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League). And as an affiliated club, we were asked to publicize the survey so that all ARRL members are aware and can provide feedback.

The Amateur Radio Relay League is considering increasing their dues. Nothing about club dues are impacted.