Tower/Antenna set up in Pasadena


Hi all,  Noobie here looking for help. BLUF: I live in Pasadena and looking for help setting up my tower/antenna system.

Just received my license a few weeks ago, so starting on my journey of setting up my base station.  I have a garage full of Ham equipment I inherited. This includes a 30-foot Rohn 25G tower (3 10-foot sections), but I have no base. I am hoping to find someone who is able to stop by my home to make recommendations on best placement of the tower and how best to install said tower. 

Sounds like a good club project.  What kind of lot are you on?  Are there any community or neighbor issues?  And what kind of budget are you looking at?


Hello KC3VCK,

I also am new to the area (and in Pasadena, near Ft. Smallwood Park). I will be raising the 5 sections of Rohn 25 I brought with me at some point this coming spring most likely. Anyway, I've had 3 towers myself over the years, and help plan/install 5 or 6 others in my previous years in Texas. ;-) Pretty familiar with the process. Also retired, so time is generally free. Give me a call. Jim WV5K 817-938-1190