Meinberg and FT-8

This week while working FT-8, I got an email from a fellow I had contacted, Mike Black W9MDB.  He noticed my clock was off a bit and wanted to let me know, and suggested I switch from Dimension 4 to Meinberg.  I told him that i had tried to install Meinberg but couldn't get it to work.  He sent me the following info.

First, download Meinberg NTP from the following web site:

Then he told me to look carefully for the folloowing window during the Meinbers installation process.  He instructed me to check the "Create an initial configuration file with the following settings" and set the box below it to read "United States of America".   This should make your window look like the one below. 


I did this over two hours ago, and have been checking back every few minutes using and the results have been "Exact" ever since, with the actual error less than .025 seconds every time i checked.  One time it was only .003 seconds off.  I am told that while FT-8 can be 2.5 seconds off, FT-4 will only accept up to 0.5 seconds off.  So switching to Meinberg appears to be something you might want to do, especially if you are going to test out FT-4 before Field Day.