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Events and activities at the AARC:

Newcomers are always welcome!

Events and activities quick summery. Details are below or on the AARC Event Calendar

04sep14 (Thu) - Member meeting at the clubhouse. 7:30p
11sep14 (Thu) - Board meeting at the clubhouse. 7:30p (we have an "open door" policy and might just make you the VP!)
13sep14 (Sat) - (Free) FCC License Exam for Amateur Radio.
18sep14 (Thu) - Member meeting at the clubhouse. 7:30p
27sep14 (Sat) - Annual Picnic and mini swap meet. Noon. (There will be a fox-hunt before the event, details TBA)
28sep14 (Sun) - Kit-building, troubleshooting and repair
28sep14 (Sun) - (support) Annapolis Run for the Lighthouse (Quiet Waters Park)
28sep14 (Sun) - (support) TRI 4 The Chesapeake (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.)

Les tells me that we have two races scheduled for the same day, September 28, 2014, due to the recent rescheduling of the TRI 4 The Chesapeake and Duarthlon. (It was originally scheduled for Mary 25 and then canceled due to poor response from the runners.)

The other race is the Annapolis Run for the Lighthouse (Half Marathon & 5K). The Lighthouse run will be at Quiet Waters Park. The TRI 4 the Chesapeake Sprint and Duathlon will be at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.

We're going to be spread pretty thin, so please help out if you can. We'll take *any* licensed amateur, and we have loaner HT radios if needed. Come practice your emergency communication skill-set. Contact Les (KH6CUJ)

Greetings AARC!

Our annual picnic will be held at the picnic shelter down from the clubhouse on September 27th, 2014 @ Noon. As usual, the club will be cooking up hotdogs, hamburgers and maybe something more. We ask that you bring a dish to share. Last year we had almost 30 people, we expect a few more this year. Come out and see your friends face to face for a couple hours!

In addition, we will be having a mini tailgate / swap meet while we eat. Everyone has some items that might find more use in the shack of someone else in the club. Bring them out and sell/swap/barter with folks you know and no hassles of shipping. The club will provide tables on a first come, first served basis. Please email me @ AB3RY@arrl.net to reserve one. If it rains, the tables will be set up in the clubhouse. You are responsible for "manning" your table and handling the sales. The club is not charging for the tables, but, as always, donations are gratefully accepted.

-Wayne AB3RY

There will be a fox-hunt before the picnic at noon. Details to be forthcoming

Jim was at the meeting yesterday sporting a brand new AARC polo shirt with his call sign on it. The shirts are available in multiple sizes and colors and can be ordered in quantity 1 sized lots (i.e. one shirt). Please contact Jim (KB3NQY) to order.

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Free Amateur Radio License Exams

The 2nd Saturday of every month
Registration Starts at Noon --- Exams begin at 1:00pm
Click here for information and directions: http://www.w3vpr.org/node/50
Contact Steve/K3BAY to register k3bay@comcast.net

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2014 MDC QSO Party Update

MD QSO Party Logo


Logs and Summary Sheets keep rolling in via e-mail. Historically we receive about 50% of them by e-mail and the rest via the Postal Service. So now the clock is ticking down to the cutoff date for receiving logs. After that we'll validate the submissions and announce the winners in each category.

Breaking News

    Field Day 2015 will be held 27-28 June!
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Field Day 2015


Greetings to all!

Alright already! I know that's not the logo for Field Day 2015 so just pretend it is.

Speaking of Field Day, as of today (11 Aug 2014) there are only 319 days left until the start of the operating phase.

OMG! I just realized that we can start setting up in only 318 days.


In preparation for Field Day the next big operating event is the phone version of the ARRL November Sweepstakes.


Can you feel the excitement building?

Your Field Day Team

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2014 Maryland-DC QSO Party

MD QSO Party Logo


The 2014 version of the Maryland-DC QSO Party is over! Put a fork in it because it's done!

We received our first log and summary sheet just after 9:00pm on Saturday and they've been rollin' in ever since.

The comments we're seeing so far:

    Not many MDC stations on the air

    Few if any mobile stations from MDC

    Not much CW activity

We started operating at Noon with a single station working Phone and rotating between 40M-10m. !0m and 15m were pretty dead.

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HR 4969 Webinar Announced

In June, 2014 with Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) as the sponsor and
Congressman Joe Courtney (CT-2) as co-sponsor, HR 4969 - the "Amateur
Radio Parity Act of 2014" - was introduced into the 113th Congress.
This bipartisan effort would direct the FCC to extend the "reasonable
accommodation" provisions for Amateur Radio antennas to include all
types of land-use regulation, including deed restrictions and
restrictive covenants.

The Atlantic Division is sponsoring a webinar on HR 4969. ARRL General
Counsel Chris Imlay W3KD and ARRL Hudson Division Director Mike Lisenco

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August 2014 Issue of the Ham Arundel News

Here is the August 2014 issue of the Ham Arundel News. Please let the editor know if there is something you would like to see in the newsletter. Address all your articles, pictures (with captions) and other information to newsletter@w3vpr.org. Thank you for supporting this club and reading the newsletter.

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New AARC VE Team Lader


It was a very quiet coup d'état. In fact it was so quiet ("How quiet was it?") that most of you we're not even aware that it had happened.

Brenda/KB3ATI assumed the reins of the AARC VE Team in March 2012 and continued the long standing trend of excellence from the members of VE team.

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Antique Electronics

Calling all collectors of electronic antiques!

I have a Commodore 128D, Commodore 1250 printer and matching Commodore monitor all of which are in pristine condition in their original packing with original documentation and some program disks (5.25" floppies).

These were all purchased in December 1987 just days before I retired from the Army the first time.

Unfortunately, I have to let them go.
If you are interested, let me know: aa3rr@w3vpr.org



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Field Day 2015

Greetings to all!!

You might be surprised and happy to learn that planning for Field Day 2015 (27-28 June) has already begun!

Our objectives and goals for Field Day 2015 are basically the same as in past years but this year we're going to expand them a little and pursue them more aggressively.

We have three basic objectives each with at least three supporting goals:

    Objective 1 - Have a safe Field Day
      Goal 1: Set up safely
      Goal 2: Operate safely
      Goal 3: Take down safely

    Objective 2 - Have fun and make lots of contacts

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