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Newcomers are always welcome!

Sunday, August 24 brings us the 2014 Annapolis Ten Mile Run and we still need operators. This is an excellent chance to practice your radio emergency-communication skills. Please contact Paul Bowling (W4ATN).

Also, some of us on the mesh working group will go there with our equipment for some experiments in the field with our gear. We're not ready for prime time but we'll probably be open to a quick demo, if you want to see what it's all about. Besides our working group you can visit for an overview.

A motion was passed (during our first June general meeting) to cancel the upcoming July 3rd General meeting. Happy Independence Day everybody.

Start thinking about the Maryland QSO party.

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Free Amateur Radio License Exams

The 2nd Saturday of every month
Registration Starts at Noon --- Exams begin at 1:00pm
Click here for information and directions:
Contact Brenda/KB3ATI to register:

Field Day Update 19 (Updated)


The wonderful weather we "endured" during Field Day was a bit of a blessing with respect to visitors.

Our operating logs, visitor logs and set-up/takedown sign-in logs indicate that we had at least 111 people on site in some capacity on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

    Set-up (Friday and Saturday) - A total of 29 people helped with setting up our Field Day site over these two days. A little over 50% of them were there both days and most (about 75%) were club members.

July 2014 Ham Arundel News

Here is the July 2014 edition of the Ham Arundel News. Please send articles, pictures, or other information for inclusion to next month's Ham Arundel News to With pictures please have the name and call sign of folks in them. Let's make this a newsletter of the Anne Arundel Radio Club.

Field Day Update 18


Looks like we had a total of 22-25 club members who showed up and operated one of our 10 Field Day stations. It also appears that of those club members who showed up and operated, about half of them had also helped set up our Field Day site.

We had another 3-4 non-club members show up and operate, especially on CW. A special shout out to Tom and Marc for helping us out on CW again. You guys are awesome!

And we had a few visitors make some contacts as well.


Your Field Day Team

Field Day Update 17


Greetings to all!

This is an interim results report

We made 1152 contacts

    626 on CW
    127 on Digital
    399 on Phone


Field Day Announcement


Has anyone seen our Field Day announcement in the Capital or the Gazette?

If so, please let us know

Your Field Day Team

Field Day Update 16


Greetings to all!

What a gorgeous finale for Field Day 2014!

We ended up with a little over 1150 contacts – we missed 4 sections Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario, and Alaska. We had Alaska (KL7HI) all lined up on 20m loud and clear but he suddenly disappeared with 15 minutes to go.

Lots of fun as always.

Field Day Update 15


Greetings to all!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for Field Day and most of you blew it! You had something more important to do:

    1. Watching a marathon re-broadcast of Julia Child cooking shows on PBS
    2. Watching your grass grow
    3. You were stuck in line at the drug store for a gigantic sale on Q-tips
    4. You volunteered to search for the Lois Lerner’s missing e-mails

The bottom line is that you didn’t show up for Field Day. You blew it.

Field Day Update 14


Greetings to all!

It's really great to see a good plan come together as a result of great teamwork!

I don't know where to start but Congratulations to the Set-Up team"

1. The shelters are assembled and in place with tables underneath
2. The masts are assembled and raised.

Dick/WW3R (Our Field Day Coordinator) has assembled a great team for our Field Day event.

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