Events and activities at the AARC:

Newcomers are always welcome!

Feel free to join us, this Wednesday (May 25th) from 7 to 9 PM for a session of "Open Shack". We'll be opening the Club's radio shack for anybody to get on the radio. Before the weekly AARC net we may be on 10m, and we'll try to get back on the 10 meter "Novice" phone band afterwards.

Get on the radio with no pressure in a supporting, beginner environment. We're here to answer you questions too.

At 8 PM we'll check in to the weekly AARC net.

Come join us, no radio and no license needed ("Control operators" are standing by...)

25may16 (Wed) - (on-air) 2-Meter net every Wednesday night at 8 PM. See details below.
25may16 (Wed) - "Open Shack" at AARC clubhouse. 7 to 9 PM. We schedule these irregularly, as needed by request. See the details for this one at the top of this page.
28may16 (Sat) - Bye week for Keith's/AE3D General license class. No meeting today.
02jun16 (Thu) - Club meeting at 7:30 PM, newcomers always welcome.
04jun16 (Sat) - Sixth free class to earn your FCC General License (Ham radio license.) At the clubhouse 8:30 to Noon.
09jun16 (Thu) - Board meeting at 7:30 PM (We have an open meeting policy)
11jun16 (Sat) - (free) Exams for your FCC amateur radio license, every second Saturday of the month.
12jun16 The Mesh Networking Group meets today.
16jun16 (Thu) - Club meeting at 7:30 PM, newcomers always welcome.
25jun16 (Sat) - Setup for Field Day. Setup runs from 8 AM to 2 PM, with a BBQ meal served at noonish.
25-26jun16 (Sat-Sun) - Field Day. This is the AARC's biggest event of the year! Please stop by and visit. Field Day runs for 24 hours, from 2 PM Saturday all the way to 2 PM Sunday. We need operators, we need visitors, come join us. Pizza around dinner time provided by Forno Bova Pizza.
26jun16 (Sun) - Canceled this month only. Come to Field Day instead! (Kit-building, troubleshooting and repair)

Everyone's favorite Centenarian was featured in the Capital Gazette! Ham radio enthusiast Holly Bevan celebrates 100th birthday

Presentation slideshows from prior meetings in 2016 are available in this forum topic.

Spring General Class

The Spring General Class begins Saturday April 23, skips Memorial Day Saturday, May 28th and ends June 4, a week before testing day. Get your General ticket before Field Day!

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Getting ready for Field Day 2016

Just soaking in the hot tub and making BBQ for Field Day 2016

Saturday was perfect, cold enough to still enjoy soaking in the hot tub but warm enough to enjoy smoking some chicken.

After 5 hours, the meat was picked off the bones, bagged up, and flash frozen. We'll serve this to the setup crew for lunch, and any leftovers will be used in the event that we run out of wood-fired brick oven pizza. (I'll cook the pulled pork that goes along with this on a different weekend before the event.)

Many State QSO Parties this Weekend

The following states are having their QSO party this weekend. Saturday the bands were full of hams from New England and the West ready to take your call. I was even able to get a few states that I needed for worked all states. Many of the QSO Parties extend into Sunday. If you need to pickup states in the West for worked all states or just to have fun on the air then I would suggest that you take advantage of this unique opportunity. Band conditions were fair to good during the day and deteriorated into the early Morning. I hope 20 meters opens back up tomorrow.