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Newcomers are always welcome!

Kirt (WA3TOY) informs us of a brand new club at Anne Arundel Community College. Several students have joined and wish to get their License, so the club is looking for donations of the most recent copy of the Tech License Study Guide. Please contact Kurt at or 443-956-0172.

Did you enjoy the talk on Broadband-Hamnet during the March 30 meeting? Bruce (WR3Q) is starting up a Mesh Working Group. Email him at with the subject: MESH WG if you are interested.

We still need a "Shelter Czar" for Field Day June 28-29, 2014. I've accepted the position of "Food Czar" and unfortunately don't think I can do both jobs at the same time. Please contact Dick (WW3R) or myself (W2PAW). We've always had plenty of help setting up the shelters these last two years, we just need someone to take the lead on assembly.

Your Field Day team would like to borrow a 10x10' temporary shelter for field day. (Thank you Steve (K3BAY) for the offer of the second 10x10' that we will need) Please contact Dick (WW3R) or myself (W2PAW).

Upgrade your privileges. Free classes to prepare for the General Class License Exam start May 3rd, 2014.
Contact Rick (KK4GV) - There is a recommended study guide available for purchase.

Public Service volunteers needed for the Schindler Memorial Triathlon on Saturday, Apr 26, 2014 at Severna Park Center. Please contact Les (KH6CUJ)

We also need volunteers for the Walk for the Animals on Sunday, May 4, 2014 at Quiet Waters Park. Please contact Les (KH6CUJ)

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Free Amateur Radio License Exams

The 2nd Saturday of every month
Registration Starts at Noon --- Exams begin at 1:00pm
Click here for information and directions:
Contact Brenda/KB3ATI to register:

Field Day Update - 1

Field Day 2014 Logo

As of today (11 April) there are only 78 days left until the start of Field Day!

Are you ready?

Are you getting excited?

Mark your calendars and get your "kitchen pass" validated by your spouse/significant other.

    Set-up starts on Friday morning, June 27th
    We start operating at 2pm EDT on Saturday, June 28th

Join us for a ton of fun during the most popular amateur radio operating event of the year!

April 2014 issue of the Ham Arundel News

Here is the April 2014 issue of the Ham Arundel News.

Jesse on YouTube

Friends: If you check out this site:
you will get an explanation by Jesse (WB2IFS) of the mesh network box he brought to the meeting last Thursday.


2nd Update - operating in HC3 but we are on a mountainside facing south so not hearing to the north. Made 300 QSO's from the coast a few days ago but back in the Andes now. Drank beer one afternoon with HC2AO. Great guy!

Saw and photographed the Southern Cross last night!

73, Rick

UPDATE - Arrived in Quito! Callsign has been issued HC1GVT.


Field Day 2014


Congratulations and Thank You!
The members of the Field Day team are ready to help you.

We very are pleased to announce that Paul/W4ATN" has volunteered to be our Field Day Media Czar.

We still need to fill a couple more Czar positions - Let's make it happen folks! If for no other reason, do it for the children.

Field Day Planning Guide

Attached is a copy of the Field Day Planning Guide for your reading pleasure.

Everyone who reads this Pulitzer nominated book will understand how to plan and organize a Field Day activity.


Field Day 2014


Today is March 3rd and it's snowing.
Field Day is 28-29 June. Bring your snow shovel.
There are 117 days until Field Day starts.


Maybe it's due to a lack of understanding of what is involved. Since we're going to operate 10 stations like we've done during 4 of the last 5 Field Day events, we need to plan everything around the number 10.

As I mentioned in our previous Blog, we are using the Czar Management System to organize our Field Day operation.

Field Day 2014 - Should We Cancel?

Greetings once again.
It's been a while

It’s March 2nd.
Field Day happens this year on 28-29 June.
Only 118 days until Field Day starts.

Maybe we should cancel our participation in Field Day this year?

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