Nominations Please

We have seven Board positions.  At present we have four announce candidates.  Not that some of our current Board members won't stay in a pinch, but.... the Board could use some new blood.  So if you have ever thought of running, do it now.  The AARC needs you!

Water Flows, But No Word On Test Results

We held the August 2nd meeting, and I'm pleased to say we have water once again in the club house.  We still have no word on the water quality, and whether it is safe to drink.  So until that changes, don't drink the water.  However the rest room facilities work, and we are able to have regular gatherings in the club house again.  And for anyone who doesn't know we have bottled water in the fridge that is 100% potable, and pretty good tasting too. 

This Will Never Happen To Me

Battery Blowup.pngFor those who think "this will never happen to me", think again.  On July 20th, the AARC Generator failed ot start.  This exploded battery was the culprit.  The explosion was most likely caused by rapid overcharging.  We teach how to avoid this in our Technician Classes.  This morning I added this picture to this Fall's lesson plan.