WFD Team Leader Needed

Winter Field Day already has an Assistant Team Leader, Rick Steer (AB3XJ).  He will be glad to do all the paperwork for the contest entry, and be on site for much of the event.  He might even issure that the Trustee, Dick Maio (WW3R) names appropriate people as Primary Control Operators for the event.  But because of a family celebration, won't be able to attend much of Saturday when the contest gets underway.  So we need you to step in as Winter Field Day Team Leader.

As Winter Field Day Team Leader mostly your official duties would be to show up, open up, and close up the shack when its over.  Anyone over 18 with a ham license can do this.  Yes, that likely means you!  Yeah you!

Get in touch with your President to volunteer, and I don't mean The Donald, I mean The MacDonald.  Keith MacDonald Miller, AE3D