Tape Measure Yagi

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Wanna Make a Tape Measure Yagi?

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As I hope you know, we a planning a Fox Hunt for the morning of September 14th, preceding the Club Picnic.  What you may not know is that on Sunday August 25th at 1:00pm we will be holding a "Build a Tape Measure Yagi" Workshop as a part of the August Kitbuilding Workshop. 

If you would like to participate and create your onw Tape Measure Yagi for Fox Hunting, just in time for the September event, please let me know.  To make them we will need some PVC pipe, a few PVC fittings, a tape measure or two, some electrical tape, a number of pipe clamps, and a few feet of RG-58.  As best I can tell the parts will cost us somewhere between $10 and $20 per antenna, and most are available at the local Home Depot.  The whole thing goes together in about an hour.

My plan is to see how many are interested, price the parts, and let everyone know the answer by the August 15th meeting.  This only gives us a few weeks.  So please, if you are interested, click "Submit" below and I'll include you in the planning.  Thanks and 73s.....