Upcoming Presentations

Able Archer 83

November 7th walt KB3SBC will present "Operation Able Archer 83, A world on the brink", all about a NATO exercise that almost ended the world as we know it.  And our DFRC site was right in the middle of it.  Learn all about it on the 7th and then a few days later, come celebrate with a Special Events Station complete with 1983 era military equipment. 

Bee Keeping

On November 21st, Jack Estevez, KB3WUM will have the place buzzing.  Luckily its only figuratively, as he tells us all about Bee Sense, a summary of honey bee rescue and hobby beekeeping.  Jack is a frequent check-in on the Holly Net from his lofty perch as a crane operator in DC.  Amazing what being up 10 stories can do for an HT's signal.