Website Rebuild

As you can see we are well on our way to having back up and running at 100% Please if you are a member of the club and had or want an account, please do so by clicking the "Create an Account" link found on the left had side of this page. I will be validating account as quickly as I can.

Some functionality is still in the process of being restore, If you see something not right feel free to email me at and be as descriptive as possible. Over the next week or two we hope to have all content 100% functioning.

Oh No, it happened!

Today at approximately 8:45am we experienced a catastrophic hardware failure on one of our servers. Unfortunately, this failure has directly impacted the availability of your services. Our senior administrators immediately began working to resolve the problem. We regret to inform you that, despite every attempt, we have been unable to restore your data. We are now classifying this as a complete data loss.

So what does this mean, well a lot of work for me! Hang in there we will be back 100% in no time!