Photography Release

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The Anne Arundel Radio Club makes use of volunteers to create a web page, social media sites, and the Ham Arundel News all in an effort to promte the club, and educate the members.  Look at any web site, social media site, or onliine newsletter, and you will see the same thing, pictures, and lots of them.  But we can't use pictures of anyone without proper permission.  And this form is one way the AARC will ask for it.

So we are asking for your advance permission to use your likenes on our web site, social media sites, and the Ham Arundel News.  It is the most convenient way to do so, both for the club and yourself.   Without such advance permissions, the editors would be required to contact you with respect to signing a single-image photo release every time they wished to publish a photo in which you were facially recognizable,  Granting the club advanced permission, can save time and effort for both you and our volunteer editors.

Any individual not covered by the agreements below, to include non-members, including minor chilren and spouses who are not part of a family membership, may be included in photographs in these venues only by separate photo release agreements reached on a  per-picture basis. 

We realize some of you have jobs that make it impossible to sign such agreements, while some may have other concerns.  Saying "no" will not affect your AARC membership in any way, but it may make things more difficult for others.  So please at least consider giving our editors a break by signing the Anne Arundel Radio Club's Photography Release Form below.  Thanks fo your consideration. 

By entering my full legal name in the Digital Signature box below, I am affixing my Digital Signature to the above terms. By accepting this signed form the Anne Arundel Radio Club agrees that the terms agreed to here will supercede terms found on Anne Arundel Radio Club application and/or renewal forms with respect to use of images of either the signer or the signers minor children for whom they have signed.