And The Nominations Are....

Candidate For: Name: Call Sign:
President: Keith M. Miller AE3D
Vice President Bruce J. Strackbein WR3Q
Vice President Tim Nagel KB3YQK
Secretary Steve Grimaud W3SWG
Treasurer William W Muzlera-Mooney KA3UQQ
Director Eric Berman KC3GDV
Director Larry O. Booth AA3AU
Director Vacant ....

Nominations per the Bylaws are now closed, as the end of the first meeting in November, on the 1st.  Since we have two candidates for Vice President there will be a ballot vote, so write in's for the vacant Director position can be accepted.

If you would like to read each candidate's Nominating Questionaire results, please click on the names in the table above.  We now have all available for you to read.

In case anyone is wondering, John Bowes (KB3YLY) has removed his name from nomination due to other commitments.