Service Recognition

Every year Anne Arundel Radio Club members donate many hours of their time to keep the club running and doing good things for the community.  As a 501c3 Corporation, we need to keep a record of the time spent in such service.  At the end of each year, members are recognized for their service to the club at the annual Holiday Party.  Badges are awarded to first timers, while badge attachements indicating the year and level of service are given to those who have previously received their badges. 


White 25+ Hours of Service
Bronze 50+ Hours of Service
Silver 75+ Hours of Service
Gold 100+ Hours of Service

Every time an individual donates hours to the club, those hours must be reported by using the "Service Hrs. Recognition" form as found on this menu.  The person hosting the event that hours were donated for is responsible to file hours for those who participated.  Also, in some cases the person donating the hours must make a submission.  And since any member may host such an activity, or need to file the form for their personal activities, it is a good idea for all members to familiarize themselves with the "Service Hrs. Recognition" form.