Kenwood TS-590S with SO-3 TCXO, box, and manuals


This Kenwood TS-590S with SO-3 TCXO is in great shape,and has had the ALC repair. I have all the paperwork to show Kenwood did the work.

I have had several SSB conversations with it, and worked many countries on digital and weak signal modes. I even worked Alaska the other day. The built in sound card and USB connectivity makes it a snap. Full power out, and I would be happy to demo the radio for you.

I have all the original gear, mike, boxes, manuals, etc.

I am asking $775 for it. If you pay cash, and buy it before 5/31, I will throw in an MC-60 for just $50.


This is excess to my needs, as I have three more HF radios that need attention.