General coverage RX or transceiver wanted


I would like to buy a digital general coverage RX or transceiver. Want something with an informative display and good scanning capability on HF. Does not have to be the latest and greatest. If a transceiver, should have a good internal antenna tuner. Preferably something that runs on 110, high TX power not needed. Want to hook it up to a long wire and go, SWL or rag chewing.

Don't want to mess with an external power supply or tuner. Want to step up from QRP.




Are you aware of the equipment sale on May 3rd at the club.  There are 4 transceivers that will meet your requirements.  BTW, none have built in power supplies.  Call me at 410-693-2723 if you have any questions.

73   Ike Lawton   W3IKE/K3ZQ


Thanksvery much for the information. I am a new member, still getting to know the schedule. I will check into the equipment sale.



Rich..I have recently upgraded my tranceiver and have a Kenwood 590s ..100 watt with ATU

but will need a power supply...I purchased it new from HRO and used it for one year condition

Call me at 443-934-7364 or email me at...  ..Denny Nolte