Morse Code Class

Morse Code Class, 2015

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Learning Morse Code
Morse Code is a lot like learning a musical instrument. And just like old question "How do I get to Carnegie Hall" the answer for "How do I get to 40 words a minute", the answer is the same,  "practice, practice, practice".

How Long Does It Take?
To get started making contacts, you need to be able to copy and send about 5 words a minute (WPM).  This means you have to learn the sound of all 26 letters of the alphabet, 10 numbers, about 5 punctuation marks and at least 6 prosigns.  Thats 47 sounds.  If you learn 5 a lesson, it takes about 10 lessons to get there.  At 2 lessons a week, it can be done in a 5 week course.  Or it can take 10 weeks  And you need to practice in between your lessons.  In other words, its a good commitment in time and effort, but... if you make it, no matter how much you doubt yourself along the way, you will learn Morse Code.  

Incresing Your Speed
After that, how fast you go depends on how often you use it.  From 5 to about 10 WPM most people listen to the letter then write it down.  To get faster you must learn to write one letter while you hear the next.  Immediately your speed jumps to about 15 WPM.  With practice you begin to realize that exceeding 20 WPM is a problem of how fast do you write, not how fast can you make out the sounds.  So to go faster you need to learn to 'take notes' rather than write down every word.  And the effort you expend will go down as your speed goes up.  Eventually you won't need to write anything down.  It will al just make sense to you.  Pretty amazing!  And CW is like riding a bicycle.  Once you learn it, your speed may go down some, but you will never forget it.  A bit of practice and you're right back where you were. 

Straight-Key.pngWhen Can I Start
We will set up another Morse Code Class whenevery we find enough interested hams willing to put in the time to learn it.  See the Anne Arundel Club's Training Coordinator if you are interested.