Public Service

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The Rosaryville 50K

Each year the Anne Arundel Radio Club, as a group effort, provides communications for a number of public service events like The Rosaryville 50K race shown above, sponsored by our long time friends at The Annapolis Striders. This section explores these events so the user can determine if they wish to take part. To explore each in depth please access the sub-menu's in this section.

Click here if want to volunteer to help with one of the upcoming events.


Operators are needed for the Veteran's Day 50K at Rosaryville State Park, Saturday, 10 November. The race gets underway at 0800 so we need to be set up and ready to go before then. The reporting time will depend on you location. If you work the entire day you may be there from 0700 - 1700 if you work net control. Some of the locations are in the woods (depending on how many stations we can staff) two are on hard surface (aid stations) and there is net control. 

If you can work this event or part of the event (0700-1200 or 1200-1700) please contact me directly at

If you work the entire event I'll provide Subway sandwitches as I have in the past. 

The Annapolis Striders annual B&A Marathon / Half-Marathon will be held on Sunday, 31 March 2019. Operators are needed for the event and may work the half-marathon or the full marathon. If you're interested please contact Paul Bowling, W4ATN,