Maryland-DC QSO Party

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Welcome to Party Headquarters

Count Down to the Next Event - August 14th, 2021 !!!

8/14/21 1400 UTC - 8/15/21 0400 UTC

10:00 AM - 12:00 Midnight (EDT)

The Maryland DC QSO Party is to promote HAM RADIO throughout the state of Maryland.

The idea is to contact as many stations in the state and Washngton DC.

W3VPR is the host call sign for this event and by contacting W3VPR you will receive bonus points.

This event will get more MDC stations on the air and will give those out there that are COUNTY and GRID SQUARE hunters the opportunity to get some areas that may not be on the air as much.

This will be augmented by several club members that will be in the ROVER class as they will be moving from county to county to increase your chance of getting the low HAM population counties towards the mountains and the eastern shore.

Conditions permitting there could be up to 4 stations active under the W3VPR call on the bands that are specified in the rules. Each contact on a different band counts.

Be sure to read the rules and submit your entry in the time frame noted. 



The 2020 Results

The 2021 Maryland-DC QSO Party Rules

As approved March 11, 2021


The 2020 Maryland-DC QSO Party is history!

This year we had a huge jump in participation, mostly as a result of the Icom QSO Party Challenge as publicised by the ARRL.  We are hopeful band conditions will improve by next summer and the total will increase once again in 2021. We are also working on some other changes that we hope will increase participation even further.

The 2021 MDC QSO Party will be held on August 14, 2021.

If you have any comments, questions or recommendations about the MDC QSO Party please send them to:

The Chairman for the MDC QSO Party is Jim Wallace, N3ADF.

Though the preferred way to enter is using the MDC QSO Party Submission form available on this web site, you may also enter by email or by USPS at the following address:

The Anne Arundel Radio Club


P.O. Box 308

Davidsonville, MD 21035-0308