Elecraft K3 160-6M transceiver


Elecraft K3 100w Transceiver, S/N 4152, Purchased 04/2010
Assembled kit, Great contest radio, Original Cost (includes shipping) $2,494
Freq Coverage: Receievr-490 khz-30 Mhz and 44-54 Mhz; Transmit- All US Amateur Bands between 1.8 and 54 Mhz (160-6 Mtrs)
No smoking environment, working perfectly, on the air, no scratches or dings
KFLA3A 1.8 Khz, 8 pole Roofing Filter
KFLA3A 2.1 Khz, 8 Pole Roofing Filter
KFLA3A 2.8 Khz, 8 Pole filter
KUSB USB Serial Bus Adaptor
KXV3A - RX Ant, IF Out, and Xverter Interface
Fused Power Cord
All instruction Books and manuals
Original Box
Not Included:
Antenna Tuner, Voice Recorder, All freq receiver coverage, Sub Receiver, Power supply, antenna, key, and Mic
No warranty, free to test it out in my station-but working perfectly in every respect. Absolutely no known problems.
Pick up only, no shipping. Arnold, MD
Elecraft maintains active website for firmware and software downloads
Accessories still available from Elecraft - Currently using with HRD -
Downloading station – Asking $1,200
Bob - K3RSJ - 410-279-6200 - 904jeter@gmail.com