MDC QSO Party Web Submission

This form will serve as the Summary Sheet for all online entries

For stations located in the state of Maryland, please give us
your station location. Leave blank if you were a "rover" in
Maryland or were outside the state.



Each QSO will be worth 10 points
Each mobile QSO will be worth 5 pts
Each QRP QSO will be worth 4 pts
Each CW/Digital QSO is worth 3 points
Each Standard Phone QSO is worth 1pt each
Number of Counties Worked
The Total Claimed Score = (Total QSO Points) X (County Multipliers) + 50 Bonus Points If You Contacted W3VPR
Please upload your logs in Cabrillo Format if possible, using the .log or .txt file types. Otherwise you my upload using Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc formats as listed below.
Files must be less than 4 MB.
Allowed file types: txt xls xlsx ods log.