Please use this form to join or renew your membership. We ask that everyone fill out this form for new or renewal, your information will not be shared with anyone, it is used by the AARC Board only. We do this to ensure that we match member's interests with club activities to keep things fresh and exciting. When you fill out this form you are provided the option to not have your information published in the club roster. We take your privacy very seriously here and as such your personal information is only available to club officers and the webmasters. After you have completed this form, please mail your check to:
PO Box 308
Davidsonville Md.

Remember to include your call sign on your check.
You will also have the ability to use our secure online payment option. If you prefer to use this option, please choose the appropriate link for payment.

If you prefer, Members that have an account on the website can download the attached renewal form in PDF format, print it and mail it with your check. (You must be logged into the website with your user ID for this option to be available) If you choose this method scroll to the bottom of this page and download the attachment.

Please check all that apply. For example, you and your significant other will be joining or renewing membership, you will check primary membership and family. If you your signicficant other your children (under 18) will be joining check Primary and Family. If Student Only (Under 18 years of age) with no primary membership, choose Student
Please provide your first name (Primary or Student Only membership holder)
Please provide your last name
We understand that not all club members have callsigns. If you do not have a callsign yet please write none in the callsign field.

Ham Interests (Check all that apply)

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