Les/KH6CUJ is recovering at home

Subject: Update on Les Silva

Sorry it has taken so long to respond but it has been crazy around here, and by night I’m just too tired to do email responses.

Les came home a week ago (Friday, 8/19). It is so good to be home for both of us for so many reasons, but for me, that drive of 1 1/2 hours each way daily was surely getting old and leaving very little time to attend to things at home.

Les is able to use the walker around the house with supervision. His balance and coordination are still in need of improvement and he’s a risk for falls, but actually is doing well. He has a wheelchair which he sits in for computer checking and to get around the house without supervision. I still don’t leave him home alone without a “sitter” friend or two as he’s never been known to take direction, so staying put till I get home is a “suggestion” as opposed to a rule. His speech is much improved but still slow. But he can be understood and you can call him on the phone if you like (preferably in early evenings our time (5 hour difference from Hawaii). We are busy most days with trips to the doctor (2 next week) and Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and speech therapy in the home 2 days week for each therapy, as well as RN visits in the home 2 days/wk. He’s on blood thinners so has to have blood drawn at home for that. He can swallow ok now so is on regular diet. His friends are going to take him to lunch next Wednesday so he is really looking forward to that! One of his friends even came to the rehab hospital to be trained on getting him in/out of the car. His spirits are good and his personality/humor have returned to his normal rascal self!

Prognosis for continued improvement are good, but there is no way to predict what that means. We are looking into making some alterations to bathrooms, esp to shower upstairs when he is able to get up there. For now it’s sponge baths downstairs which he does not like. More doctor appointments next week along with in-home therapies and RN. But at least we (that is, me) are not bored. I think Les is very bored actually. He’s so used to doing so many things. If it would cool off here (weather temps 90’s and very high humidity) I would take him out for drive and errands. Looking forward to fall.

That’s it for now. Thank you, everyone, for all the prayers and emails and cards. I am sorry for not responding to everyone, but please know we are both very grateful.

With love,
Mary Ann

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I saw our friend Les today and he is one happy fellow, he is on count down to getting home this week! Yes the schedule is set to release Les from MedStar NRH on Friday morning/afternoon August 19th. If you still planned on a visit, better make it tomorrow or Thursday.....Friday may be a hit or miss. Better yet a visit to his home might be a better choice. He is already planing on starting a cw class, placement of a radio in an easy access location in his home office, will need some help in setting up antenna and feed line into the house. May take a few days to get settled in again, especially catching up on back emails and such, he did have his ipad at the hospital, but, the hospital server has been down for over a week so email and web browsing ...no go. Only Olympics on TV, thank goodness for therapy sessions! Haha!

If you want to send Les an email use kh6cuj@aol.com, he will probably see it Saturday. (Hospital net still down today). Please pass the word around, Mr. Event Coordinator is coming home this week.
Mary Ann is also happy to be able to get back close to normal routine, without a 2 1/2 to 3 hour daily commute to Washington!

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Best Regards, 73,
Jim Tetlow

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Les has been moved to the rehab center next to the hospital.

Visiting hours from the website are : Monday through Friday 12 noon to 9:00 pm. Saturday/Sunday starts 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Two visitors at a time.


Medstar National Rehabilitation Hospital
Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, District of Columbia
102 Irving Street Nw
Washington, District of Columbia 01801
(202) 877-1737

-Erick, WA3G

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AARC members,

Les Silva, KH6CUJ, has suffered a stroke and has been admitted to
Calvert Memorial Hospital, room 205, window side. His control of his
left arm and leg is comprised. His speech is labored and so he can't
take phone calls, but he is in good spirits and can receive visitors.

-Erick, WA3G

(via email from Erick to Mark/W2PAW)