The 'Waiver'

In case you are unaware, the Bylaws of the AARC require that members sign a 'waiver' before joining.  Its basic boiler plate that says you know ham radio can be dangerous and if you engage in club activites you will accept the risk, and not sue the club if you are injured. 

Though the Bylaws don't say so, individuals under 18 likely can't sue the Club.  The parent would have to do that for them.  Therefore, and I coiuld be wrong, I will assume the 'Waiver' doesn't need the signature of any member under 18.  At some point we need to run that by an attorney. 

Conversely, we surely need the signatures of all adults who are members and from whom we don't have a signed 'Waiver' on file with the Club.  Our method of making sure this 'Waiver' gets signed is to put it on all Applicaiton Forms and Renewal Forms.  But still, people are missed.  For intance our VP was voted in at a Holiday Party, and was never asked to fill in an Application Form.  And paid his dues every year and never filled in a Renewal form either.  Oops.  And of course the applicaiton form only has one line for a signature.  So families with two or more adult members likkely have only one adult signed to the 'Waiver'. 

Your Board is now attempting to fix these problems.  We have created the Bylaw Required 'Waiver' form, which can be filled in online or, at your option, can be downloaded, printed, filled in and delivered to the club by mail or other means.  This form was created primarily for those who are adults, part of a Family Membership, and who did not sign an Application or Renewal form when joining.    .

The Board is working on Motions to requre that all members fill in the proper paperwork either when applying for membership, or renewing it, prior to the club either voting on their application or accepting their renewal.  You would think that would be a Bylaw requirement, but it isn't.  The Rules Committee will be addressing potential Bylaw changed in early 2020. 

If you are interested in the content or wording of these Motions, please attend the November 14 Board Meeting in the club house at 7:30pm.