Locked In and Locked Out

I have received word from the Davidsonville Dance Club that 4 times in the last few weeks, someone has locked the DFRC gate while there were still cars in the parking lot.  At least one of those times they were holding dance class and class members, not being able to get in, went home. 

Imagine how we'd feel if people in our Technician Class got turned away by a locked front gate.  Not to mention trying to unlock the gate from the wrong side is difficult, especially in the dark.  So we can't stress enough that we must not lock the DFRC gate while there are still cars anywhere in the parking lot.

This being said, you can ignore the car in our lot with the license plate W3RUM.  He is a past President of the AARC who is moving to Tennessee, and he'll be back in a few days to pick up his vehicle.