Candidate: KA3UQQ

Name:  William W. Muzlera-Mooney
Call Sign:  KA3UQQ
Date: Thu, 10/17/2019
What position are you nominated for?   Treasurer
Year in which you were first licensed?  1989
Tell us a bit about your experiences as a ham::
Been licensed since 1989,
first as a Novice and then as a Technician.  After taking a break, I upgraded
to General and studying for the Extra. My first love is HF but I also dabble
in other modes like SSTV.

Have you served on a radio club board before?  Yes
Please tell us about your prior expience on a radio club board: 
I am the
current Treasurer of the Anne Arundel Radio Club.

Have you served other clubs or organizations in a leadership position? No
Please tell us about those leadership positions:  Not applicable.

What do you believe are the strengths and weaknesses of the AARC?  I have the
willingness to work to make the decisions that make this club an asset and
value to whoever joins.

What do you think you could accomplish as an AARC club officer?   I hope to
continue my work to make this club an organization that people would want to
join and be a part of.