Candidate: AE3D

Name:  Keith Miller
Call Sign:  AE3D
Date: Fri, 09/27/2019
What position are you nominated for?   President
Year in which you were first licensed?  1965
Tell us a bit about your experiences as a ham:
: A father of a neighborhood friend was W3WIQ, and the first time I saw his basement wall full of fancy electronics I wanted to be a ham. I think I was 6 then.  In high school a friend, Bob Stone, WA3BMH helped me get my license, and in the process helped at least a dozen more before he became a silent key on prom night my senior year.  That year we did our first Field Day from a tree house, with a long wire coming straight out of the rig and crossing our ball field.  We didn't win, but to our amazement, we weren't last either.

I got my Advanced and Extra licenses in the 70s, and joined the AARC in the early 80s where I helped Jerry Herman, N3BDW teach a novice class.  When I came back, a series of events led me to take over the AARC Training Program with courses for both Technician and General Class licenses which I still do today, in spite of the fact I have been club Secretary for 2 years and have already served a year as club President.

Have you served on a radio club board before?  Yes
Please tell us about your prior expience on a radio club board:  I ran for the Secretary job 3 years ago, because nobody else would. It turned out that in addition to being tons of work, it was also very fun and rewarding.  During my time as Secretary I rebuilt the club Roster into a Microsoft Access Database, and I did all I could to encourage Presidents Bruce Strackbein, WR3Q and Richard Grace, KB3ZYO to renovate the Ham Shack in the club house.

Knowing that the Ham Shack was still some distance from completion I ran for and became President in order to make sure that when I was done, we would have a completely operational Ham Shack for education, member use, and special events.

In my first year I have done my best to further the shack project, and with it now close to completion, I'm turning my attention to the antenna system we need to make it work.  I'll need another term as President to make that happen.

On another front, I established a Standing Rules Committee, with the goal of creating a Policy Book to keep an active and up to date record of rules passed by the Board, and include information on generally accepted procedures for various activities engaged in by the club. The goal being to smooth the flow of information from one Board to the next, and the avoidance of pitfalls along the way.

Have you served other clubs or organizations in a leadership position? Yes
Please tell us about those leadership positions:  I was a 10 year member of another of Anne Arundel Countys more select groups, Pine Tree Associates in Crownsville.  I spend 5 years on their Board, two as Secretary, one as Second Vice President (who was in charge of maintenance and grounds) and one year as club President.  They have over 500 members, own 97 acres of land, have 3 full time employees and a yearly income somewhere between a quarter million and a half million dollars. My Board term there was in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

What do you believe are the strengths and weaknesses of the AARC?  Our membership is our greatest strength.  Without hard workers, a President can have all the ideas in the world, and go nowhere.  I am constantly pleased to see how many people are willing to put in long hours to make this club happen.  Yes, sometimes we come up short, but its the exception, not the rule.

Our biggest weakness is our resistance to change.  Change is only bad when you do the wrong thing.  Sometimes it clears the way for great things to happen. But we have to be careful that the changes we make are the right ones.  I think we do pretty well with that one.

What skills and abilities do you think you would bring to the Board?  I am a decent public speaker, and I have been told I run a pretty good meeting.  I think of myself as being open minded, and ready to hear what anyone has to say.  I know a good idea when I hear it, and will quickly abandon a bad idea in favor of a good one.  I don't mind asking for help. I apologize when I screw up.  I own my mistakes.  And I have some great friends who help keep me headed in the great direction. Perhaps those friends are my greatest asset.

What do you think you could accomplish as an AARC club officer?  My short stack of goals are:  1) Create an antenna system for the Ham Shack  2) Get the Policy Book up and running.  3) Make sure our rules help us achieve our goals.  4) Make our major events like Field Day and the Maryland DC QSO Party run smoothly and on schedule.  5) Make sure the maximum number of new hams can be created by our training and testing program.  6) And if there is time left..... we could still have a Fox Hunt. Maybe?