Candidate: N3ADF

Name:  Jim Wallace
Call Sign:  N3ADF
Date: Mon, 10/14/2019
What position are you nominated for?   Vice President
Year in which you were first licensed?  1979
Tell us a bit about your experiences as a ham::
Primarily CW op and now getting into digital modes.  Really like building wire antennas.  Currently coordinating the Holly Net NCS ops and do the club's Service Hours.  Also, doing all the electrical work in the club house and radio shack.

Have you served on a radio club board before?  Yes
Please tell us about your prior expience on a radio club board: 
Was on AARC
Board of Directors in 2018

Have you served other clubs or organizations in a leadership position? Yes
Please tell us about those leadership positions: 
AEC for Prince George's


What do you believe are the strengths and weaknesses of the AARC?  Strengths - full service club with club house and ham shack  Weaknesses - failure to get more members involved in the club


What skills and abilities do you think you would bring to the Board?  Years of ham experience.

What do you think you could accomplish as an AARC club officer?  Continue the Service Hours Program and the Holly Net coordination.  Serve on the Ham Shack Antennas Committee and Elmer Program