Candidate: KC3GDV

Name:  Eric Berman
Call Sign:  KC3GDV
Date: Mon, 10/14/2019
What position are you nominated for?   Director
Year in which you were first licensed?  2016
Tell us a bit about your experiences as a ham::
I am General Class operator
interested in kit building and qrp operations.

Have you served on a radio club board before?  Yes
Please tell us about your prior expience on a radio club board: 
I am the
current Director working on facilities. With that I have lead the completion
of the Ham Shack. Currently working with the antenna committee on their plan
for additional antennas. Helped with the installing of the new rotor and HF
antenna on the tower. Cleaned up and organized the sheds and helped with the
removal of the old antenna parts. Coordinated the Eagle Scout for the new
stairs and have three more Eagle projects in the works for the Club.
Currently sitting on the Board

Have you served other clubs or organizations in a leadership position? Yes
Please tell us about those leadership positions: 
I am the ARRL MDC Section
Youth Coordinator (SYC). In the role I had presented at South River HS and
the National Electronics Museum. Coordinated the Radio Merit Badge training
at the AARC during Field Day 2019 and hosted four troops at AARC in October.

What do you believe are the strengths and weaknesses of the AARC?  The
strengths for the AARC are mostly in the members and facilities. We have
people who are skilled and knowledgeable to handle most situations. We are
one of a handle full of clubs that have a dedicated meeting space and Ham


What skills and abilities do you think you would bring to the Board?  I have strong organization and leadership skills to help in the planning of projects
and to develop a vision of were the Club could be heading.

What do you think you could accomplish as an AARC club officer?  Help in the
development of a plan to improve the club for all members.