Candidate: NA1DX

Name:  Doug Ellmore
Call Sign:  NA1DX
Date: Wed, 10/16/2019
What position are you nominated for?   Director
Year in which you were first licensed?  1996
Tell us a bit about your experiences as a ham::
I am a DXer, Contestor,
elmer/instructor, AARC Official Card Checker, and a 3 area card sorter.  I
have earned DXCC on 160m through 10m, worked over 303 countries.  I like building antennas, doing QRP operating and high power multioperator station building.  Working on building a 6m stack antenna system.

Have you served on a radio club board before?  No
Please tell us about your prior expience on a radio club board:  Not applicable.

Have you served other clubs or organizations in a leadership position? Yes
Please tell us about those leadership positions: 
Current President of the
Explorers Radio Club (NA3DX) which does field day operating and multi op


What do you believe are the strengths and weaknesses of the AARC?  Weakness is the breath of topics and involvement of the membership.  Strength include the population in the area that are involved in training, testing, and community special event support.


What skills and abilities do you think you would bring to the Board?  Thinking out of the box and keeping things simple.

What do you think you could accomplish as an AARC club officer?  Maintain the
club listserve (which I pay for and manage), and promoting ideas that might
get members involved.