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New Club Perk - Card Counter

The Word is out. Doug Ellmore NA1DX is our official club HF Awards Manager. He can check cards for the following awards. Worked All States (WAS), Worked All Continents (WAC) and VHF Century Club (VUCC). Doug can not check for DXCC at this time.

Thursday June 16th Meeting

I would like to invite everyone to the June 16th Anne Arundel Radio Club Meeting. We have a jam packed schedule and need to start on time and may run a bit over. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Bill Dobson N3WD our local DXCC Card checker to give a presentation on Log book of the world and DXCC. We will also be discussing the upcoming Field day. Finally your secretary has been working very diligently with the league since February and we have a new club perk that we will reveal at this upcoming meeting.