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Happy New Year! Here is the January 2017 Issue of the Ham Arundel News

This month it was just too full of wonderful content to fit as a standard attachment, so I uploaded it to my personal server instead. Get your copy here:


This month:

- New "Prez Sez" from our new President
- "Recording Radio Nets and Small Group Meetings" (Ed Brown/AA3EB)
- "It Gets Real", a report from the California ARES Hospital Communications Group
- "Is There a Market for a $400 “Prepper” Radio?" (Dan Romanchik/KB6NU)

Les/KH6CUJ is recovering at home

Subject: Update on Les Silva

Sorry it has taken so long to respond but it has been crazy around here, and by night I’m just too tired to do email responses.

Les came home a week ago (Friday, 8/19). It is so good to be home for both of us for so many reasons, but for me, that drive of 1 1/2 hours each way daily was surely getting old and leaving very little time to attend to things at home.