Maryland DC QSO Party Sign-Up

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By now it should be obvious to everyone that trying to run 4 stations in a small unventilated room where social distancing is maybe 4 feet, is just not smart... though running 1 might work OK.  Therefore as we approach the Maryland DC QSO Party, we have decided to ask our W3VPR Trustee, Dick Maio (WW3R) if we might get him to authorize a number of our members to use the W3VPR call sign from their residences during this year's event.

So now we need to find out who wants to take part, plus what modes and times they are willing to operate.  Plus we need to find a few individuals who may want to operate by themselves in our Club House station.  The Maryland DC QSO Party begins ar 10am EDT (1400 UTC) on Saturday August 8th, 2020 and ends at mignight EDT the same night (0400 UTC August 9th).

To volunteer to transmit from home, you must have a General class or higher license, and a rig and other equipment capable of the mode(s) and band(s) you wish to operate, and of course a capable antenna for those same band(s).  To use the form below you must be logged in to this web site which will automatically enter your call sign and name.  You must then correct your email address if needed.  You will then be asked to check off the hours you will be available to operate, the modes your are capable of operating, and the bands for which you are equipped.  Further we ask you list the number of hours you are willing to operate, and your first choice of band, mode and time.  You may also ask to be considered for operation of the club station if you wish.

When complete, hit SUBMIT and then check your entry.  If correct you can make your choice final, and an email will be stent to the Maryland DC QSO Party Team Leader with your information.  Those who do so first, will have their times scheduled first, etc.  You will be notified by email when our scheduling is complete by the Team Leader, Jim Wallace N3ADF.  Jim will also select the persons who will be operating the club station during this year's QSO Party.

Prior to those notifications Jim will secure authorization from our Trustee for you to be a W3VPR Control Operator during the event.  Keep in mind this means you can invite others to your residence to help operate, but you must be the Control Operator for all contacts made, and of course all FCC rules apply.  As a Control Operator you will have to keep your own log of all contacts made, and provide a copy to the Team Leader so we can validate the issuance of all bonus points.

Maryland DC QSO Party Sign-Up Form

By checking the SSB-CW boxes below you are certifying that your amateur radio equipment, including rig and antenna are both operational and prepared to operate on the band's checked.

By checking the Digital boxes below you are certifying that your amateur radio station is operational on the bands indicated, in at least one digital mode in which you have operational proficiency.

By checking the boxes below you are indicating that both you and your amateur radio station are equippmed to operate in that mode during the Maryland DC QSO Party 2020.

Add anything relevant you think will help in scheduling you for this event.